Listing Agent vs. Selling Agent

Listing Agent vs. Selling Agent

A potential seller recently asked me how many clients do I work with at a time.  In my usual honesty first policy, I told them that 6-8 was my sweet spot, given that I work as solo agent, not on a team.  I furthered that by saying, when I take on a listing, I don’t just put it on a lockbox and hope for the best.  I show up for appointments, becoming a ‘seller’ of the property on behalf of my clients.

The terms ‘listing agent’ and ‘selling agent’ are often synonymous, both referencing the agent who represents the homeowner, just as a ‘buyers agent’ refers to the representative on the other side.

Even though listing and selling agent titles are interchangeable, I think they mean two different things.

Listing a home is the process that involves paperwork, professional photos, floor-plans, data, disclosures, essentially the administrative functions of getting that home on the market.  Once listed, what comes next?

Selling a home is entirely different.  That can only happen after the listing has gone live (even in the case of FSBO properties – For Sale By Owners).  Selling a home means giving personal tours, talking through everything you know about the home, why is it on the market, what are the highlights, what is the value.  Becoming the Seller’s Agent.

Curated and concierge minded.  That’s Your Neighborhood Newcomer philosophy.  I want each of my clients to feel like they are the only one, that whether they are buying or selling property, they will get me on the other end of the line, or at the front door opening it up for a potential buyer.

When you are interviewing potential Realtors® to work with, make sure you ask not only how they will list your home and market it, but also how will they sell your home.  It’s that last question and the answer that will result in a successful relationship and hopefully top dollar for your property!